Ask SCORE, November 2010 - Data Protection

My commercial refrigeration sales and service business has been doing well since we started last year. In addition to our own customer and financial records, our system holds the service information on our customers’ equipment. I worry about something happening to this data. How can I protect it?

Ask SCORE, June 2009 - Protecting Your Data

I own a successful industrial manufacturing firm. Though not huge, we employ almost 100, including plant, office and sales staff. I constantly read about companies having their IT systems  compromised by hackers, wreaking havoc with their business. What can we do to prevent that from happening to us?

Ask SCORE, January 2009 - Outsourcing

I own a small, successful plumbing business. Since the beginning seven years ago, my wife, who was at home with our young children, did the bookkeeping. Now that the kids are in school, she’s planning to go back to work full-time in her field of training, psychology. We’re not large enough to need a full-time bookkeeper, so I’m considering outsourcing. Any tips you can offer?


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What You Should Know about VoIP

While VoIP systems are an excellent choice for most companies, it’s important to be aware of the drawbacks to using this type of system. If you’re currently choosing between VoIP and a traditional phone system, here are a few things you might want to consider.

The Phone Call is Dead

by Clive Thompson,

My phone bills are shrinking. Not, unfortunately in cost.  I mean they’re getting shorter. I recently found an old bill from a decade ago; it was fully 15 pages long, because back then I was making a ton of calls - about 20 long distance once a day.  Today my bills are a meager two or three pages, at most.