10 Ways Twitter Can Help You Market Your Business

The most important thing to remember is to have a strategy with Twitter.  It can be a huge time waster unless you know what you want to do and how much time is a good investment for you.

The Phone Call is Dead

How text messaging is threatening and preserving the telephone conversation.

European Cyber-Gangs Target Small US Firms

Organized cyber-gangs in Eastern Europe are increasingly preying on small and mid-size companies in the United States, setting off a multimillion-dollar online crime wave that has begun to worry the nation's largest financial institutions.

SCORE Advisory Boards

SCORE offers “advisory counseling”, which is confidential strategic counseling for successful small businesses.

A Source of Revenue You May Be Neglecting - Your Past Clients

Much of marketing is about laying a strong foundation for sales, bringing qualified leads to the door and staying connected and top of mind with existing customers.

All Is Right With the World

Business like life is not static and if you do not periodically step back from the edge and take a look around you might find the world is passing you by.  Doing this while in the middle of the daily battle is a very tough thing to do.

Make the Sale: 8 Smart Tips

When the going gets tough, the tough…start selling. With apologies to singer/songwriter Billy Ocean, in times like these entrepreneurs need to focus on bringing in the money. That means selling more. To help you do just that, here are eight smart tips to help you boost your bottom line.

How to Maximize Your SCORE Meeting

Getting the most out of a meeting is a skill anyone in or wanting to be in business can benefit from. Here are some pointers that not only will help you get the most from your meeting with a group of SCORE counselors but can apply to any meeting you may have. Some are obvious (but often over looked) and some are subtle yet can make or break the benefit you receive from a meeting.

17 Cheap or Free Marketing Ideas

How can you get your business noticed? And, what's more important in these tough economic times, how can you get noticed without breaking your budget?