Using Technology to Grow Your Business

Description:  To grow your business, you need to use technology to promote your company, products, services and professional brand. That means implementing a social media & digital marketing strategy so your clients can find and begin to learn about your business. This program is an interactive presentation to help you effectively get up and running on the social media platforms you need to use the most, as well as the digital marketing strategies you need to employ.

Quickbooks in the Cloud

Description: This workshop provides basic training in the use of QuickBooks accounting software in the cloud. Through a lecture and demonstration format, you’ll get an overview of how to effectively use QuickBooks from the perspective of a small business owner. We will approach the subject as a sales process, including how to track customers, sales, income, expenses, deposits, payments, etc.

Infographic: Top Online Threats to Small Businesses

Our latest infographic provides statistics on the top cyber threats on small businesses and how you can protect yours.

Ask SCORE - October 2018 - Protecting Your Intellectual Property.


            I have invented a device that improves the efficiency of home heating systems. I would like to discuss potential relationships with large furnace manufacturers, but I’m terrified they’ll steal my idea. How can I protect myself?

Make Your Website Work for You

Attend this webinar and learn how to create a search-friendly site that’s useful for customers and supports your business goals.  

The Ultimate Marketing Plan

The Ultimate Marketing Plan - Successful Strategies for Today's Marketplace


In the lightning-fast world of today’s business, doing things the same old way is a recipe for disaster. Plod along with the old, tired marketing techniques and the customers will fly past you. You need to get into the fast lane.

In the Ultimate Marketing Plan workshop, you’ll discover: