Surviving Challenging Economic Times August 14, 2022
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Are you concerned about how to survive if the predictions of a global recession become a reality. This seminar helps you prepare for tough times with principles that will help you thrive in good times too.


Here are some key concepts and insights you'll gain in this webinar: 

          * Stop Searching For Safe... it doesn't exist!

          * Business Reality... you're either moving forward or moving backwards.

          * Change Is Required... even more when things are tough!

          * Be Gumby... be flexible, like that green little cartoon character

          * Don't Let A Great Crisis Go To Waste... change is easiest in tough times

          * Your Most Important Role?... helping people overcome fear

In this session, we'll look at process improvements and survival methods that you may be able to apply in your business.

Our Presenter: David Harrison currently teaches MBA students full-time, and in all business subjects. Dave enjoyed a career as a senior executive with global responsibilities at Johnson & Johnson, Armstrong, and Standard Industries. In addition to several successful entrepreneurial ventures and non-profit organizations, David is a SCORE mentor.

Surviving Challenging Economic Times