Selling Like Your Business Depends on It December 28, 2021
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Does your business have enough sales to achieve and exceed the "break-even point"? In any business, selling will be absolutely critical to your success. In this discussion, we will talk about some simple ways where you can improve your sales results and grow the business.

Our presenter, Harry Spaight, is a SCORE volunteer with expensive experience in sales and sales training. His "Lead, Sell, Grow" podcasts are available on Apple:


About the Presenter(s)

Harry A Spaight

I have been in sales and sales leadership for 20 plus years. I see that many small business owners are lacking in skills in trying to sell themselves. I enjoy helping others and i think this will be a good fit. In my past prior to sales I was involved in mission work. So I have a history of serving others.

Selling Like Your Business Depends on It