Payroll Services Make Business Easier March 25, 2021
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If your business has employees, you should seriously consider using a payroll service rather than handling payroll yourself. Regulations are complex and changing so using an expert can offload this task and give you more time to strategize on more important business issues. Costs can be reasonable and great way to improve your business efficiency. As you add employees to your business, you must make the decision on how to do payroll. There was a time where this was not too complicated and you could do this manually yourself, but these days that is not a good idea. You need a professional on staff or an outside payroll service to ensure you do the many federal and state reports, tax forms and payments. This webinar will discuss what you need from a payroll service, what are some of the extra services you may find useful, and how to choose from the many services available. Our presenter, John Manry, is co-chair of our Mid-Florida SCORE chapter and has extensive experience with Accounting, Human Resources (HR) and Payroll software. 

Payroll Services Make Business Easier