Exiting Your Business: Succession Planning February 22, 2021
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In a 3 part series, SCORE has partnered with MassMutual to equip business owners with guidance on how to exit their business. By taking into consideration succession planning, retirement planning, and estate planning, owners can develop a strategy to exit their business smoothly.

The first webinar on Succession Planning covers:

  • Developing a Succession Plan
  • Valuing a Business
  • Putting a Value on Your Business: Why and How
  • Covering Your Back: The Buy-Sell Agreement
  • 5 Ways to Maximize the Profit When Selling Your Business
  • Top 4 Considerations When Selling or Closing a Business
  • 7 Legal and Financial Steps to Closing Your Small Business
  • Preparing to Sell: Defining Your Target Market and Aligning Your Sales and Marketing Message
  • How to Properly Dissolve Your LLC
  • 7 Tips for Making a Business Partnership Work
  • Growing with Partners and Investors
  • Grow Your Business With A Strategic Partnership

Presenter: Dr. Don Lester has owned and operated several businesses including restaurants, restaurant supply company, and a remodeling business. Don retired as a business management professor at the Middle Tennessee State University. He is the past-chair of our local SCORE chapter.

Exiting Your Business: Succession Planning