Downturn Resistant Franchising February 22, 2021
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Learn about franchises that can do well during difficult times with recession-proof business models. We live in uncertain times, with many businesses still struggling with the impact of the pandemic. People are still hoping to achieve the American Dream but worry about how to succeed. That's where franchising comes in. There are certain attributes of "essential" brands that always do well, even during economic downturns. Presenter: Adam Goldman Adam has considerable experience in business, startups, and franchising. He enjoys giving back by helping local entrepreneurs. He earned an MBA degree with a concentration in entrepreneurship from the University of California Berkeley. Over his 20-year career, Adam has founded three successful companies on two continents. These include an IT company in Poland and a real estate investment company in Texas. Most recently, Adam has grown the Vanguard Cleaning Area Developer concept in Houston into an over $2 million dollar a year enterprise with over 30 franchisees and 300 customers. Adam loves starting businesses because of the excitement, flexibility, and upside that they bring. This webinar is free but registration is required. When you register, there is an option to subscribe to SCORE Newsletters. Please click the NO option so that you will not receive duplicate emails.

Downturn Resistant Franchising